We also offer a payroll bureau service, which can cater for small in-house clients and also clients on a one-off basis.

Our charges are on a per person/per event basis thus for a 10 person monthly payroll the cost would be £9 x 10 + VAT per month. From your instructions, which can be faxed or e-mailed to us from anywhere in the country, we would prepare the payroll figures, provide you with payslips, and send reports to you of net pay, PAYE and NIC due. There is a small standing charge of £12 +VAT per month per payroll which increases if there are more than 25 people on the payroll per month.

Via your e-banking facilities it is possible to export to you an e-banking file to help with your bacs payments.

Extra costs would be  a one off cost of imputting of non-tax events, such as student loan deductions, attachment of earnings orders (lets hope there''s not too many of them !!!)etc. We charge extra for auto enrolment based on the amount of time spent on the process.  There are no other extra costs, so its nice and simple and easy to budget for. There are no set-up costs.

The benefits of using us for payroll are confidentiality, ease of use, and peace of mind that we''ve dealt with it before. We discount heavily the larger the number of people on the payroll run, and if we operate a weekly payroll as opposed to a monthly payroll.

We currently handle many 10 person payrolls, and act on behalf of a 250+ weekly payroll. At June 2018 we handled a total payroll run of 3555 people per month. Help us to grow and ask us for an estimate.

Updated Sept 2018